Platinum Sponsor


Commercial Exhibition:

Cost: $3,000

Spaces of 4×8 feet in the room next to the Conferences, which will include a dressed table, 2 chairs, electrical connection and Wi-Fi signal, 3 invitations for the exhibition area and insertion of their logo in the printed program.

Preferential spaces, located in the entrances and corners of the room, will be assigned according to the reservation order. However, the guarantee of the same, will depend on its cancellation within the stipulated dates for this purpose.

Sponsorship and Exhibition Options

Various benefit packages are offered to companies interested in the value of business promotion represented by the presence of a significant number of current and potential customers throughout the region. According to their economic contribution, they acquire one of the following classifications: PLATINUM, GOLD, SILVER or COMMERCIAL EXHIBITOR.

In addition to being an exhibitor of its commercial products and services, there are other opportunities for participation within this Congress, designed for companies that wish to capitalize on the promotion of their products within a captive audience of Plastic Surgeons.

If your brand is synonymous with plastic surgery or is closely related to this market, we encourage the medium to bring information to doctors in this specialty, in an environment aimed at companies that want to differentiate themselves from their competitors and really value the plastic surgeon as client and business ally.

Remember that your brand is recognized for its support to our specialty and for the loyalty of its customers.  According to your economic contribution, you can acquire any of the participation categories, for which you will receive the indicated benefits and that we detail below:


Cost: $15,500

Special mention during the act

Participation certificate

Preferential space of 9m2

5 complimentary tickets

Host of 2 Coffee Breaks

Featured logo in printed materials


Cost: $22,500

Special mention during the act

Participation certificate

Preferential space of 16m2

5 complimentary tickets

Host of the Welcome Cocktail

Featured logo in web and printed materials

Table of 5 in Welcome Cocktail

Promotional material in folders


Cost: $32,500

Special mention during the act

Participation certificate

Preferential space of 36m2

8 complimentary tickets

Host of the Closing Dinner Party

Featured logo in web and printed materials

Table of 8 in Welcome Cocktail

Promotional material in folders

Logo on the Welcome Banner

Educational Sponsor:

Cost: $10,000

This option in addition to your space in the area of ​​commercial exhibitions (2 x 2 = 4 m2) entitles you to organize an educational workshop of 1-2 hours on March 25, which is the pre-congress day dedicated to industry sponsored events

More Sponsorship Options

The choice of any of these categories allows you to link your corporate image and your brand to the realization of the event, by including your logo in the printed and digital material, used in the promotion of the event both nationally and internationally. These means are the website, newsletters, notices in specialized magazines and mention during the event.

Speakers Dinner:


Note Pads and Pens (350):


Program Guide (print of 350 issues):


You can also contribute by sponsoring the transportation and lodging expenses of an exhibitor for the amount you want. If you have another idea or form that you want to participate we are open to suggestions. Any questions you can contact us.

Program Guide Ads

The printed program will be delivered to each registered participant. This indispensable document contains, in addition to the scientific program, important information about special events, logistics of the event, social events, the commercial Exhibition plan. This program is the frequent point of reference, during and after the event. Make your brand and your message reach directly into the hands of plastic surgeons and guide them to your commercial stand or to your company's information.

External Back Cover:


Internal Cover or Back Cover:


One Page:


Half Page: